here you can follow the progress of the caruso head project.

we are happy and proud with the current version. still some little tweaking and tuning, the more heads we build.

but we now have a stable and nice product. last 4 heads had all >41dB of max. Feedback at Main Resonance. this now around 10 dB more than a Westrex 3D Head. Also Freq. Response was similar among all those heads. so its time to tune the preamp for flat response. update soon!

a pro version will be available on request.the difference is mainly an improoved and more complex feedback system and higher building standards.


Price is Currently SFR 1800.- plus shipping

including Stylus Changing Tool, 2x empty Preamp PCBs

every head is tested=measured and a real testcut done on an acetate.


how does it sound?

new files made by hervé@dk mastering paris. in comparison with sx74.

playbacksystem: SME3012, Grado Gold Neumann Preamp. Testtone 7cm/s NAB Record

caruso head nr.130. 20/22dB@1kHz on SAL74B (flokason C-version input cards)

track1,3,5 is SX74

track2,4,6,7 is Caruso. 6 is inside record.7 is same but outside.

check the caruso Nr_130 test track here ( MP3  8MB):

check the caruso Nr_130 test track here ( WAV 42MB):


check the caruso Nr_120 test track here (18 MB):

2nd last snippet is of smooth criminal of vinyl record MOVLP057 2009 issue.DMM cut

last snippet is from din messplatte dhfi platte2 PAL3720-ST 8cm/s reference.

technical details.


logic->apogee ensemble -> caruso preamp with partslist V1.23 -> PAS2002PTA

caruso Nr.120 with approx 30dB Feedback (correction filter at 7700 Hz -20dB Q=7) -> Presto 8dG lathe.


pro-ject debut –> ortofon VMred –> Vanguard1 trigon preamp –> apogee ensemble –> logic.


Caruso works with the following amp systems:

-Caruso Preamp & nice power amp. the best solution !

-Vinylium Minicut. if you can afford. even nicer!

-Neumann VG66.with some restrictions.vg66 has no bass boost in the FB mixer as the SAL or minicut or caruso pre. so bass is always weak below 100 hz. also some mods on CE66 needed.

-Neumann SAL74B* with some changes in the Feedbackamp Gain. On Stock SAL you can not have the 30-34 dB of Feedback.

Ask for SAL74C preampboards. then its easy.



caruso stereo cutterhead . zero series

technical details. 07.2014

  • drive coils:                     4.7ohm
  • feedback coils:              5.1 ohm for heads nr.120-129. (increased from 2.1 to 5.1 ohms in jan. 2013)
  • resonance frequency: 1000 Hz
  • feedback:                       29-34 dB at main resonance (tested with 2.2uF // 4.7 ohm RC Network in series and carusopreamp V1.1 with Bruel&Kjaer 2706 Laboratory Amp)
  • stylus:                           Neumann 1:20 tapper.  adamant: NSH-2,transco: 320, vinylike diamond, the shank diamond
  • mounting:                    neumann 8 degree bar (9mm) or 18mm round tapper:
  • weight:                        alu version: 285 gr. (brass version: 582 gr.)

2 ways of fixing caruso

mechanical dimensions:

check the pdf


caruso v1.23 preamp boards parts refinment. the board works like a champ.

protection card still in developement.

first prototypes made. first software version under tests.

a sencond stereo version in production. we also started making a processing script. so you got a nice online protection tool if needed.


caruso preamp boards:

caruso test amps

the typical setup. how to wire togehter a typical caruso setup . check this pdf.

how to wire together caruso system

rc network (2u2 // 5 ohm 10W) with 630mA fuses slow blow. if you can. already make the cable with a 4 pin speakon connector. so you are prepared for the new protection unit.

caruso_speakon rc-impedance network 4.7 ohms in parallel with 2.2 uF cap and 500-630 mA fuse

detail of the db15 connector:

if you can use the best shielded cable for feedback you can find. big difference in performance! use low capacity cable. on the picture this grey shielded cable  is nothing special. so if the cable is long go for a good one.

db15 cuttercable on the lathe side


caruso zero series. anodized

engraved serial numbers

caruso zero series front view

caruso zero series side view

version for neumann mounting:

caruso zero series back view

alternative mount:18mm diameter

caruso zero series  presto version back

17th of may 2012 first cut is the deepest, done on a presto 8dg.

05th of may 2012 first fully working caruso assembled

caruso cutter head


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